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  • Think Summer

    Those 90 degree days are coming. Sign up for our amazing summer courses here in the convenient and climate-controlled Burke building. We're offering the usual fan favorites: Basketball Camp, Band Camp, and College Essay Writing. We're also hosting two NEW programs. Girls Who Code and NuMinds STEAM camp. Click here to sign up today!

Middle School Musical

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  • Willy Wonka!

    Get your "golden ticket" to the magical world of famous candyman Willy Wonka. Burke middle schoolers will be performing this scrumptious musical on Friday, May 18 at 7:00 PM, and on Saturday, May 19 at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Ticket link coming soon!

Welcome to Burke

Burke's Future

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  • The Next Three Years

    Every organization needs a plan - a vision of where it wants to be in the future and how to get there. During the 2015-16 school year, the Board of Trustees undertook a strategic planning process, using feedback from students, parents, teachers, staff and alumni. The result is our vision for the next three years. Click here to read it!

What We're Reading

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  • Becoming Brilliant

    No special equipment required! Click here to read what science says about the six C's of raising successful, smart kids. Turns out Burke teachers have been doing this for years.
  • The Opposite of Boredom

    Tweaking the day's schedule, making lessons relevant, adding choice and projects: things that combat boredom and get students engaged. You'll see them all at Burke! Click here for the article.
  • Facing Race

    Students learn about race all day long - in movies, in songs, on social media. It's incumbent on us as teachers (and parents) to help students learn how to think critically about race and how to see things from multiple perspectives. This is an essential part of Burke's mission. Click here to read an excellent discussion of how to have honest conversations about race.
  • Teaching Ethics

    Teaching ethics in school is unavoidable - it's in every decision we make, from the subjects we choose to the way discussions are led. At Burke, learning to be a good person is as important as academics, athletics and arts. Click here to read about how schools can give kids a strong moral compass.
  • Student Driven

    At Burke, students lead their twice yearly family conferences. They take responsibility for their education, learn how to assess their own work, and practice collaborating with adults. This reflects the responsibility we give them and the high standards to which we hold them. Click here to read more about the power of the family conference.
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