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Groups & Clubs | 21-22

Complementing academics, athletics, and performing & visual arts, 40 student-led clubs, organizations, and affinity groups meet weekly. Many clubs and affinity groups gather during the midday "community period" or during lunch, and encompass social action, writing, dance, chess, and yoga, among many other pursuits and passions.

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  • Affinity Groups

    Every other Wednesday during the community period (11:15 AM):

    Asian Student Association
    Black Student Union
    Jewish Affinity Group
    Middle School White Allies and Accomplices
    S.S.A.S.I. (Students Supporting All Sexuality & Identities)

    Every other Thursday during the community period (11:15 AM):

    Boys Leading Boys
    Faith in Focus
    Feminist Cooperative
    Mixed Race Affinity Group

    Every "Burgundy" day during lunch period:

    Black Girls Meet
    Examining White Privilege
    Students Against Ableism
    Young Black Men
  • Midday Clubs

    These clubs meet during the community period (11:15 AM) on a recurring basis:

    Art Club
    Book Club
    Burke Film Club
    Chess Club
    Cinematography Appreciation Club (CAC) 
    Computer Science Club
    Crafts Club
    Dungeons & Dragons (HS)
    Dance Team
    Dead Poets Society
    Debate & Discuss
    Drama Club
    Fashion Club
    Fitness Club
    French Movies/TV Shows Club
    Fundraising Club
    Knowledge Competitions
    Make a Wish
    Math Team
    Oxford Comma Club
    Skateboarding Club
    Social Club
    SOC Spanish Book Club    
    Stock Market Club    
    Yoga Club
  • Publications

    Burke PAW - meets during clubs period
    The Cageliner (newspaper) - meets during lunch and enables participation in other clubs 
    Yearbook - meets during clubs period
  • Task Forces

    Mental Health Awareness Committee
    REACT (Reaching Equity, Advancement, & Change)

Student Government | 21-22

Burke's student-elected leadership organizes and runs the weekly all-school assemblies. Student government members also work together on a variety of projects – ranging from organizing fundraisers to collaborating with administrators on school policies. The Student Government operates under rules outlined in the student-written Burke Student Constitution.

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  • SGA Officers

    Co-Presidents: Ingrid G. and Jay S. '22
    Secretary: Lena S. 22
    Treasurer: Aidas P. '22
  • HS Grade Representatives

    Grade Reps - High School
    Hunter H., Shelby W., Sophia R. '22
    Gabrielle B., Catherine R., Sanja O. '23
    Carrie J., Jonah D., Riley D. '24
    Aaron H. Miriam K. G., Nora S. '25
  • MS Grade Representatives

    Grade Reps - Middle School
    Lina B., Sydney J. '26
    Jane P., Wyatt J. '27
    Gabriel D. '28, Henry B. '28

Trips & Visitors | 2020-21

Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.