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  • A Family Practice

    This piece originally appeared in the Fall & Winter 2021 edition of 1968 Magazine.
    On August 18, 2021, we spoke with three alumni members of the Salky family, all of whom have taken paths into the healthcare field:  Sarah ‘01, Rebecca ‘11 (Becca), and father Steven. 

    Becca remembers Burke as the place she met her best friends and grew close with so many teachers, including Elizabeth Sislen and Daniel Running, both of which still teach in the English Department, and longtime Head of Middle School Monica Miracky, who passed away in summer 2020 after 40 years at Burke. Becca says, “the closeness they allowed stood out” – and paved the way for her to attend Skidmore College and to develop those same connections with professors. 

    Sarah began at Burke in 1995. Before selecting a school, she sat in on Nigel's 7th grade linguistics class – literally, as numerous students elected to sit on the floor and Nigel didn’t object*. Between the small size of the class and its emphasis on creative thought, she came home “wide-eyed” that a school existed that could meet her needs. 

    * Nigel retired in June 2021 after 34 years at the school. 
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  • Class & Club Snapshots

    Whether in the science lab or around the city, teachers take a hands-on approach – which can both "stimulate growth on both sides of the brain" and increase self-motivation.
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  • Independent Study Spotlight: Computer Science

    In the High School, eligible students may undertake an Independent Project in Computer Science, overseen by a faculty member and extending from one to three trimesters.
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  • All School Art Project 2022

    This year's annual project is an interactive sculptural piece, reflecting on our addiction to, reliance on, and consumption of digital devices – and which communities, countries, and continents most experience the impacts of recycling and waste management.

    Students, faculty, and families were invited to contribute their own electronic waste, ranging from floppy disks to defunct keyboards, and students from numerous art classes assembled the installation on the bridge from the Commons to the Atrium.
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  • We Can Work It Out

    At Burke, 6th-8th graders have a 75-minute PE class every other day. With a gym renovation in progress, the PE department has taken a varied approach this fall – from maximizing outdoor time to partnering with Golds Gym on Connecticut Avenue to getting creative on a chilly day.
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Julia H. Cain - Director of Communications
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