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  • School Year 2021-22

    Applying for Fall 2021

    We are so glad that you are considering Burke – and we look forward to getting to know you in the coming months. Our 2021-22 application is now LIVE on Ravenna, the online Admissions platform.

    Our application process remains virtual this fall. We encourage you to submit a preliminary application as soon as you're able so that we can schedule your interview.

What To Do Next:

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For Fall 2020: please contact us if you are interested in Burke for this current school year (2020-21).

Of new Burke students, 52% are from public schools, 48% are from private & parochial schools. Our 2020-21 student body represents 63 zip codes: 60% from DC, 33% from Maryland, 5% from Virginia.

Expansion Years at Burke

Burke is a 6th-12th grade school and we encourage applications for 6th-11th grade. In a typical year, we welcome at least a couple new students in each of these grades.

The following grades, however, are considered "expansion years" (or "entry years") and have the largest concentration of new-to-Burke students:

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  • 6th Grade

    20 new students
  • 7th Grade

    5-6 new students
  • 9th Grade

    30 new students
  • 10th Grade

    5-6 new students

"Testing Optional"

In typical years, all applicants are required to take an entrance exam: either the ISEE or SSAT.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Burke has eliminated the standardized testing requirement for applicants applying for Fall 2021.

In lieu of a standardized test, applicants for the 2021-22 school year will complete an in-house assessment. Students who have SSAT or ISEE scores on record that they believe reflect their ability are welcome to submit those as well.
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