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  • School Year 2020-21

    Applying for Fall 2020
    For the upcoming school year (2020-21), the first-round deadline was January 10. We consider applications in our second round on a rolling basis when space exists in a particular grade. Here's how to get started:

    1. First step: if you are considering applying for this coming September, please email admissions@burkeschool.org, so that we can discuss availability and the admissions timeline.
    2. Next step: sign up for a virtual admissions chat and get to know us!

    * As test dates for the SSAT and ISEE may not be immediately available in Spring 2020, please do not be concerned about this component of the application. We will be discussing alternatives with you.

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  • School Year 2021-22

    Applying for Fall 2021
    We are so glad that you are considering Burke for the 2021-22 school year – and we look forward to meeting you! Here's how to get started:

    1. Send a quick inquiry though Ravenna, our online admissions portal.
    2. From within Ravenna, you can select Burke in the School Directory and start exploring.
    3. Consider joining us for a virtual event this summer!
Of new Burke students, 52% are from public schools, 48% are from private & parochial schools. Our full student body represents more than 60 zip codes: 61% from DC, 31% from Maryland, 8% from Virginia.

Expansion Years at Burke

Burke is a 6th-12th grade school and we encourage applications for 6th-11th grade. In a typical year, we welcome at least a couple new students in each of these grades.

The following grades, however, are considered "expansion years" (or "entry years") and have the largest concentration of new-to-Burke students:

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  • 6th Grade

    20 new students
  • 7th Grade

    5-6 new students
  • 9th Grade

    30 new students
  • 10th Grade

    5-6 new students

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  • Our Application Process

    Step by Step
    Our application process may be a bit different this year! We do expect that opportunities and procedures around campus visits may change, especially in Fall 2020 – but the spirit, personalization, and structure will remain the same.

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  • Get Started

    Create a profile in Ravenna (our application portal), select Burke from the School Directory, and choose "Explore."
  • Visit Us

    We are offering virtual "Admissions Chats" throughout Summer 2020 with more events to come in September and beyond.
  • Apply & Interview

    Once you submit a preliminary application through Ravenna, we will contact you to schedule interviews; during a typical admissions cycle, this step also includes a "shadow visit" for the student.
  • Submit Materials

    To complete the full application, you will need to submit a transcript from your child's current school and two teacher recommendations. You will complete both steps through Ravenna.
NOTE: Burke typically requires either the ISEE or SSAT, but testing has been a challenge during qurantine, of course. We will update this page as we receive more information about Fall 2020.
Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.