Annual Fund

It's hard to believe, given the cost of independent schools, but tuition actually doesn’t cover all the expenses of educating each student. There is a ''gap" between what families pay for schooling and what it actually costs. At Burke, the gap this year is $1,870 per student.

Although the amounts differ, almost all independent schools in the Washington metropolitan area confront this gap in trying to balance their budgets, and all independent schools face the same dilemma. Do we raise tuition even higher, or should we raise the money to cover the gap in other ways?

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  • What is the Annual Fund?

    In order to close this gap which comprises 5% of the school’s budget -- this year $400,000 -- it is the policy of the Board of Trustees to ask the Burke community for tax-deductible donations. 

    As do most other independent schools, Burke depends on generous gifts from many people to close that “gap.” Each year, Burke families, alumni, grandparents, and friends donate tax-deductible contributions to the Annual Fund, ranging in amounts from $25 to $25,000.

    Every year we strive to have 100% of Burke’s families participate in the Annual Fund drive. In addition to being the sign of a vital, thriving school, a healthy Annual Fund signals to other potential supporters outside the school (including charitable foundations) that Burke enjoys the full support of its current families and is a good investment for their charitable dollars.
  • How is the Annual Fund used?

    The Annual Fund ensures that the School continues to offer an excellent educational program for our children designed to enable them to learn and thrive. In making your pledge, you are helping to support and enhance the key elements of a Burke education:
    • Caring and well-qualified faculty and staff
    • An innovative curriculum that equips students with the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the 21st century
    • Small class size
    • Dedicated community service and service learning
    • Athletic programs open to all students
    • Extensive financial aid support
    • Technology and classroom enhancements
  • Will my donation help Burke's Financial Aid Program?

    We are proud that Burke has one of the strongest financial aid programs of any independent school in the Washington region. We devote 17% of gross tuition revenues to our financial aid program, allowing nearly 31% of Burke families to receive some form of financial aid. In addition to our other wonderful programs, a strong Annual Fund supports our mission “to consciously bring together students who are different from one another in many ways” by making a Burke education available to qualified students who would not otherwise be able to afford one.
  • How can I help?

    Each fall we contact Burke families and friends for a pledge to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund relies on the commitment, generosity, and enthusiasm of Burke parents, both past and current; grandparents; alumni; good friends; and, where possible, charitable foundations for voluntary, tax-deductible financial support. Contributions can be made directly with cash, checks, credit cards or stock transfer; pledged monthly, quarterly or in a single payment; designated through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #40720); and enhanced by corporate matching gifts through the donor’s employer.


Giving Circles

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  • Giving Circles

    Edmund Burke School's giving circles recognize individuals and families who have made a charitable contribution to the Edmund Burke School Annual Fund. Donors who wish to remain anonymous in publications should contact the Development Office.
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We hope that all our donors will maintain their generous support of the Annual Fund. A healthy Annual Fund is essential to the School's day-to-day operations. This is more important than ever.

Please remember that Burke’s fiscal year ends June 30. Thank you!
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