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Burke's Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the school’s financial health and consistency between its strategic direction and mission.

Faculty Representation

Steve McManus
- Head of School
Julia Andrews - Faculty Representative to the Board

Board Committees

Select a committee below for a listing of 2023-24 chairs:

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  • Committee on Trustees Affairs

    Hadley Boyd

    Open Meetings: N/A

    Charge: development and continuing education and training of Board members; recruiting, nominating and onboarding individuals to the Board; and selecting and nominating officers
  • Development Committee

    Siobhan Roth '88 and Kenny McCombs '91

    Open Meetings: N/A

    Charge: supervising fund-raising in support of the School, including organizing and supervising the role of the Board of Trustee in all fund-raising activities, including annual giving.
  • Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Monique Willard

    Open Meetings: Yes, please contact the co-chairs for more information

    Areas of interest:
    • supporting the work of the Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement
    • engaging and educating the Board of Trustees
    • enhancing parents' understanding of Equity & Inclusion
    • exploring ways to evaluate the school's Equity & Inclusion efforts
  • Executive Committee

    Chair: Dawn Chism

    Open Meetings: N/A

    Charge: comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer of the Board, the Head of School, and the chair of each Committee; organizes the work of the Board, and acts on behalf of the Board when the President (or Executive Committee member acting on behalf of the President) determines that a matter is urgent or highly confidential
  • Facilities Committee

    Chair: Martin Griffin and Fergus Donaldson

    Open Meetings: Yes - monthly morning meetings that alternate between Zoom and in-person; contact the chair for details

    * Parents with real estate experience (development, construction, architecture, brokerage or property management) are encouraged to attend

    Charge: responsible for improving the school's physical environment to serve the educational requirements of the faculty, staff and students; prioritizes facility improvements; prepares and solicits bids; award contracts and manages construction budgets and schedules
  • Finance Committee

    Co-Chairs: Peter Sheridan & Gretchen Lamberg

    Open Meetings: Committee is seeking new members, ideally those with a background or interest in finance and accounting; contact the co-chairs for details

    Charge: supervises finances of the School and makes recommendations to the board concerning financial matters, including the annual budget, long term financial planning, and investment of funds; ensuring that the Board acts in a fiscally prudent manner so that the school remains financially sound
  • Strategic Planning Committee | 2023-24

    Co-Chairs: Caitlin Oppenheimer and Hadley Boyd

Further Information

The Board works in close partnership with the Head of School and senior staff, and is currently composed of 20 elected members, as well as two ex officio members: the Head of School and the Faculty Representative. The Board is governed by By-laws that are reviewed and updated regularly, consistent with internal policies and the recommendations of leading independent education associations. Current by-laws are available online.

The Board generally meets 10 times each year. Trustees serve a three year term, and may be re-nominated for a second term of three years, for a maximum of six years of service. The Chair of the Trustees Committee solicits board nominations each year.

The Board accomplishes most of its work at through standing committees, formed to address specific, time sensitive issues. All voting members of the Board volunteer their time, skills and resources to the school.
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