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How does the day go?

We open early and close late. Doors open starting at 7:30 AM, and students can socialize in the Commons, study in the Library, or enjoy our outdoor spaces until 8:30 AM.*

On a typical day, students have five class periods, with community period, 3rd period, and lunch running consecutively – providing a midday opportunity for field trips, lab work, and experiential learning in DC. Everyone has different cognitive highs and lows during the day, so we use a rotating schedule to move different classes through different time slots.

Our daily community period from 10:20-11 AM rotates among assemblies, grade meetings, homerooms, affinity groups, and more – so students always have time to connect with friends, both within and outside their own grade.

Everyone has lunch at the same time, and students can purchase a meal plan or bring lunch from home. We have an open campus in the High School, so students also take full advantage of the carry-out and food truck options lining Connecticut Avenue (within a specified radius of campus) and decide where to eat and relax.

At 3:30 PM, classes wrap up for the day – but most students stay on campus for rehearsals and sports practices, while others set up shop in the computer lab, head to an open art studio, or chat with friends in the Atrium. We also offer proctored study halls until 5:30 PM.

Notice the later start time? That's new. The pandemic required some creative scheduling – and a couple changes worked so well that we decided to keep them. 

"Overheard at Burke"

Annual Events & Celebrations

The Trimester System

While most courses – such as, English, Math, World Language, and Science – are year-long, our trimester system (Fall/Winter/Spring) enables significant variety and choice throughout the year. As early as middle school, students can select different visual and performing arts courses for each trimester; by the upper grades, students have a wide range of trimester-length electives, including independent studies and senior seminars.

Sample Schedules

List of 3 items.

  • 12th Grade - 2022-23

    Year-Long Courses:
    AP English Literature
    AP Spanish Language & Culture
    Calculus AB

    Trimester Courses:
    History - Social & Economic Systems
    Senior Seminar - Equality & Human Rights

    Arts Electives:
    Ceramics 11/12
    Figure Drawing 11/12

    Clubs & Groups:
    Latine / Hispanic Student Union (LHSU)
    Founders Day' Leadership Team
    Student Government Association

    Softball Team
  • 9th Grade - 2022-23

    Year-Long Courses:
    Algebra 2
    Earth Systems Science
    English 9: Genres
    French 2
    History 9: The Ancient World

    Arts Electives:
    Ceramics 9/10
    Instrumental Music 9/10

    Trimester Courses:
    Health, Values & Ethics 9
    High School Learning Strategies
    Intro to Computer Science

    Cross Country

    Debate Team
  • 6th Grade - 2022-23

    Year-Long Courses:
    6th Grade Core - English / History / Humanities
    Math 6
    Science 6 - Earth Science
    Spanish 6
    3-D Explorations - Visual Arts
    Diving In - Theater / Music
    PE 6

    Clubs & Groups:
    Black Girls Meet
    Drama Club
    The Cageliner - student news

    Middle School Swim Team
    Middle School Musical

Founders' Day 2023

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