Burke Life

Meet Our Students

Kiko - 7th Grade

When I started at Burke: 6th Grade
How I travel to Burke: by either car or Metro
What I love about Burke: I like how you can be more loose and more active instead of just sitting in a chair all day. And with our schedule, you get to do different things every day!
Favorite Burke moment: Founders Day

Favorite Classes: Pre-Algebra with Julia - I like math

Favorite Books: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Favorite Music: Rap, some classical
Kiko's Schedule:

  • Chorus
  • Language Arts
  • Life Science
  • Directions & Avenues (Visual Art)
  • Health, Values, and Ethics
  • Math 7 with Advanced Topics
  • Spanish 7/8
  • World Geography & Cultures


Basketball (Burke team)
Basketball (travel team)
Tea Club

Madeleine - 8th Grade

When I started at Burke: 6th Grade

How I travel to Burke: by car with my mom

What I love about Burke: the environment and community, and how I always feel welcome. Also the relationships you build with your teachers and classmates.

Favorite Burke moment: My first swim meet at Burke, and how even though the majority of the team was high schoolers and there were only four middle schoolers, everyone cheered us on and I felt like such a part the team. I love that feeling and how special it is.

Favorite Burke class: Ryan’s World History & Geography class in 7th grade

Favorite Books: The Candymakers, Anna and the French Kiss, and Echo

Favorite TV Shows: The Good Place, Glee, and Queer Eye

Madeleine's Schedule:

  • Algebra 1
  • American Voices
  • Ceramics
  • Health 8
  • Instrumental Music
  • Physical Science
  • Spanish 7/8 with Advanced Topics
  • Topics in US History

Activities and Clubs:
Cageliner (newspaper)
Key Club
Middle School musical

Anina - 8th Grade

When I started at Burke: 6th Grade
How I travel to Burke: by MetroBus
What I love about Burke: the rigorous and challenging curriculum for students – the teachers are nice and they help push me to do my best in every subject
Favorite Burke moment: my first trip to Camp Wabanna, the community-building trip for the whole middle school, in 7th grade. I spent time with friends, tried new activities, and loved the outdoors.
Favorite Classes: American Voices, Algebra 1, Latin, and Topics in US History

Favorite Books: The Outsiders, The War that Saved My Life, Wolf Hollow, The Girl with All the Gifts, The Boy on the Bridge, and the Nancy Drew series

Favorite Music: classical, pop, and country
Anina's Schedule:

  • Algebra 1
  • American Voices
  • Chorus
  • Health 8
  • Latin 2
  • Photography
  • Physical Science
  • Topics in U.S. History

Activities and Clubs:

Book Club

Listening to music
Going on walks
Watching TV

Leah - 10th Grade

When I started at Burke: 9th Grade

How I travel to Burke: by Metro (orange and then red line) to Van Ness-UDC

What I love about Burke: how we have an inclusive and supportive school community

Favorite Burke moment: 9th grade Homecoming and dancing on the bus before volleyball games

Favorite Burke classes: Health, Values, and Ethics with Stacy, Spanish with Jessie and English

Favorite Books, Movies, and TV: The Hate U Give, black • ish, Remember the Titans, Akeelah and the Bee, and Black Panther
Leah's Schedule:

  • Chemistry
  • Drama
  • Geometry
  • Health, Values, and Ethics
  • Modern World History
  • Spanish 2
  • World Literature

Activities & Clubs
Black Student Union
Golf (spring)
Model UN
Student Government
Students of Color
The Cageliner (newspaper)
Volleyball (fall)

Nathan - 11th Grade

When I started at Burke: 6th Grade

How I travel to Burke: by walking

What I love about Burke: the relationships between the students and  adults in the building ... and the undefeated football team ;-)

Favorite Burke moment: performing the Boy Band Medley at assembly, including not one, but TWO Jonas Brothers songs

Favorite Burke class:  too many to choose from, but definitely chemistry, Spanish, and English

"Coming to Burke was one of the best decisions of my life. From presenting to the entire faculty and staff about the iPad program in 7th grade to being elected Co-President as a rising junior, I have received unceasing support from the administration, my teachers, and my peers."
Nathan's Schedule:

  • AP US History
  • AP Spanish Language
  • Advanced Pre-calculus
  • Advanced Instrumental Music
  • Biology
  • English 11: American Literature

Activities & Clubs
Musicals and Plays
Student Government (Co-President)
Takoma Jazz Trio (with two Burke teachers)

Meet Elez - 12th Grade

When I started at Burke: 9th Grade

How I travel to Burke: by carpool with my friend or by bus

What I love about Burke: the freedom given to students and opportunities to try new and exciting things

Favorite Burke moment: winning the softball championships my freshman and sophmore years!

Favorite Burke class: Chemistry and English

Favorite Book: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Favorite Music: Jenny Lewis, MARINA, Hop Along

Favorite Movies/TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and any Hayao Miyazaki movie
Elez's Schedule:

  • AP Chemistry
  • Advanced Art History
  • Advanced Studio Art
  • English (Student One-Acts Workshop - 1st Trimester)
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Senior Seminar (Ancient Mediterranean History - 2nd Trimester)

Activities and Clubs:
Fall Play
Femco (co-leader)
Softball club (co-leader)
Varsity softball
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