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Equity and Inclusion

Our mission is to bring together students who are different from one another in many ways. Embracing differences, developing sensitivity to the perspective of others, and preventing isolation of any one group are intrinsic to Burke's culture.

Our Director of Equity & Inclusion is committed to weaving the principles of affirmation and fairness into everything we do at Burke – from assemblies to course curricula. 

Unique amongst independent schools, every member of Burke’s faculty, staff, and administration must complete two in-house professional growth tracks: “Cultural Competency” and “Social Justice Pedagogy”. Each growth track meets six times per academic year with cohorts of approximately 15 participants.

Equity and Inclusion Statement

Burke respects the dignity and humanity of our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and trustees, as well as our broader community. We foster a culture of equity and inclusion that embraces the wide range of backgrounds and perspectives present at Burke. We continuously strive to cultivate understanding and appreciation of diversity that includes, but is not limited to, age, ability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, gender identity, political perspectives, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

We acknowledge and encourage differences of opinions, ideas, and interests, and we expect thoughtful discussion and civil engagement. Burke affirms the individual worth of all community members, and we challenge behaviors that demean, marginalize, or exclude others. Our goal is to maintain a diverse school community that exemplifies these values and to fulfill our commitment to equity and inclusion consistently in all areas of school and community life.

Resource Library

The Board of Trustees’ Equity and Inclusion Committee recently asked members of the Burke community for recommendations for articles, books, publications, blogs, movies, and events to compile into a “crowd-sourced” resource library.

Student Organizations

Affinity Groups: Mission Related Groups:
Asian American Student Alliance      Advocates for Diverse Abilities
Black Student Union Gender and Society
Chinese Affinity Group InLight Diversity Magazine
Club Hispano Jewish Culture Club
Examining White Privilege News of the World
Feminist Cooperative Students for Environmental Action
Young Black Men Students Supporting All Sexualities & Identities

Special Assemblies

  • 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March
  • Contemporary Conservatism: Noam Neusner
  • Ethical Dilemmas Within Social Movements: Dr. Marcia Chatelain, Georgetown University
  • Living with Autism: Annie Kotowicz
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign: David Tannenbaum, ThinkNear
  • On Transgender Identity: Schuyler Bailar
  • Syrian Refugee Crisis: Kevin Sullivan & Linda Davidson, The Washington Post

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