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The Magnitude of Middle School

In 6th-8th grade, students are developing habits of mind and solidifying their attitudes toward school. Given that crucial reality, our Middle School fosters our students' love of learning as they build strong academic and social skills. Lessons are lively and engaging, built around critical thinking and discussion, collaboration with peers, and projects that inspire active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

The city is our classroom – and students learn through frequent field trips and guided experiences in the world outside Burke. Our 1:1 tablet program enhances learning, researching, and presenting and helps teach 21st century skills, such as digital and media literacy, design thinking, and global connectivity.

Middle School Program by Grade

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Our Vision

We believe the world is diverse and dynamic. Through experiences that foster creativity, self-discovery, and wonder, our Middle School students cultivate the skills and habits of mind they need to become critical thinkers and passionate learners.

Burke students learn to collaborate with others and excel as individuals, ready to embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future. We empower global citizens to change the world.

News & Events

Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.