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Welcome to Burke!

It is my privilege to serve as the Head of School of Edmund Burke School and to welcome you to our vibrant learning community. 

The vision and spirit of the school's founders, Jean Mooskin and Richard Roth, are as vital today as they were in 1968, when they sought to address the social ferment and upheaval of their times by founding a school rooted in progressive pedagogy, social change, and ethical citizenship.

Our founders believed that a more "egalitarian, democratic, and participatory" approach would nurture students' inherent curiosity and creativity, animating them to work to make a better world. Today, we remain committed to that same endeavor so that our students can engage with the world as it is and then develop the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind to bring about the world we envision ought to be.

Here at Burke, our students are at the center of everything we do.  Here, they will find their "place:"
  • a place where they will be seen, cared for, challenged, and respected for who they are
  • a place where they will form deep and caring relationships with teachers, advisors, and coaches
  • a place where they will have real choice and opportunities to do challenging, interesting, and academically engaging work
  • a place where they can cultivate their interests and talents, as well as explore and discover new ones

At Burke, we invite each student to bring their full selves to school. Whether in our classrooms, labs, art studios, performance spaces, affinity or advisory groups, or on the athletic fields, we challenge students to practice curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and resilience as they progress through Middle and High School; and caring adults are here to support them in that journey every step of the way. 

I invite you to explore our community further and consider joining us on that journey.

Steve McManus
Head of School
    • Steve McManus, 6th Head of School

    • Steve with Founding Co-Head of School Richard Roth P'88 and 5th Head of School Damian Jones P'20

Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.