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The library at Burke plays an essential role in the life of the school. It's used as a gathering place; its resources allow students to make meaningful inquiries and intellectual connections; and the library program develops and refines the skills needed for sophisticated research. From early in the morning straight through the early evening, Burke's library stays busy.

Our collection has grown to 10,000 volumes all available through our web catalog In addition; the school has a number of online subscription databases with access from both home and school. We also have a selection of e-books available through the library catalog. We have our own extensive video library that greatly enhances classroom learning.

At different points and in different disciplines in school life, students learn library skills which enable them to be better researchers and higher level thinkers. They develop skills to navigate the Internet and to critically evaluate web sites. They learn to search for information effectively and to evaluate the information that they find.

In essence, the library program rests at the heart of the school’s effort to put students in charge of their own learning and reflects the school's belief that intellectual freedom and informed access to information are prerequisites to effective and responsible citizenship.


Online Catalog


Burke's online catalog includes all the books and media in the Library. You can search by subject, author, title, or keyword and find out if a book is checked out or on the shelf. You can print a list of books or just one record. Please contact Burke's librarians if you have any questions.


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    Amanda Bozarth 

    Library Director
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    Jacksonville University - B.A.
    Catholic University - M.A.

Subscription Database

Subscription Database

Members of the Burke community are invited to utilize our library's online subscription database by signing into the Subscription Database page with your login and password.

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