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Parents Association

Edmund Burke Parents Association (EBPA) fosters communication, cooperation, and support between parents and the school. Led by an Executive Committee and supported by Grade Representatives, EBPA organizes a variety of events throughout the year. We encourage everyone to find his or her "volunteer niche." Opportunities include helping with field trips, school events and welcoming new families. Be sure to read the "This Week at Burke" and the biweekly "Burke Beat" to find out what's happening at school and how you can participate!

EBPA Leadership 2021-22

Kyle Kenney - P'26

Tiffany Rogers - P'27

Caitlin Oppenheimer - P'23

Joe Fiorill - Parent '26, P'28

Jeanne Black - P'25

Parents Association Class Reps

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Parents Association Events

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Grandparents Day November 2019
Back to School Picnic 2019
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