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Welcome to Summer @ Burke 2024
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Peruse the course listing and descriptions below! When ready, you can register for camps and courses hereQuestions? Let us know.

Note: "grade" refers to the grade a student will enter in Fall 2024.

Schedule Information:

All-Day Camps & Classes 9 AM to 3 PM
Morning Camps & Classes 9 AM to Noon
Afternoon Camps & Classes 1 PM to 4 PM
Looking to take a Morning and Afternoon class during the same week? 9 AM to Noon > Lunch > 1 PM to 4 PM

Course Descriptions | Summer 2024

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  • 6th Grade - Math Brush-Up and/or Writing Skills

    Back to School Brush-Up Series
    • Math - morning course
    • Writing - afternoon course
    Students are welcome to pick one class or sign up for both. Rising 6th graders will brush up their math skills and polish their writing before the new school year begins. 
  • 7th & 8th Grade - Math Brush-Up and/or Writing Workshop

    Back to School Brush-Up Series
    • Math - afternoon course
    • Writing - morning course
    Students are welcome to pick one class or sign up for both. Rising 7th and 8th graders will refine their skills prior to pre-algebra and algebra and polish their written work and grammar skills in a writing workshop.

    * 7th and 8th grade math cover a wide range of skills and the math course will focus on the following areas:

    • All 4 integer operations with positive and negative integers
    • Converting fractions and decimals
    • Multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting fractions and decimals
    • Coordinate plane and (x, y) ordered pairs
    • Intro to 1 and 2 step equations
    • Intro to word problems involving integer operations and 1 step equations
    • Intro to inequalities on the number line
  • Band Camp

    Our ensemble will work collaboratively, develop musicianship skills, and perform a "tiny desk" concert at the end of each week. All skill levels are welcome. Participants may elect to do one or both weeks.
  • Basketball Camp

    For beginner to intermediate level players - this camp will enable students to develop confidence, composure and control to succeed on and off the court.
  • Chess Camp

    Offered by Chess Wizards

    "Our Mission: Create a safe, fun and friendly environment for our students; inspire lifelong learning, both on and off the chess board; build relationships and communities connected through the game of chess."
  • College Essay Workshop - Morning or Afternoon

    No need to stress! This one-week course will help students select a topic, then draft and revise their Common Application essay.
  • Creation, Design & Entrepreneurship

    For High School - learn the fundamentals of graphic design, content creation, and how you can use them to help your business (student org. / team) thrive. Through various projects & challenges, students will learn new skills, experience different design softwares, express their creativity, and have fun. Some projects include: creating digital designs, flyers, custom apparel, video content & so much more!
  • Creative Coding

    Offered by Amore Learning

    In this class, we'll don our virtual coding capes and dive into the magical realm of Scratch, where you'll learn to bring your wildest ideas to life with just a few clicks. Imagine creating your very own interactive stories, animated characters, and even games that you and your friends can play! You'll be the mastermind behind your own digital universe, and the best part? No coding experience required.
  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Join a D & D adventure for experienced and new players. We will create characters and work together to play through a pre-written module.
  • Executive Functioning - Middle and High School

    Back to School Brush-Up Series

    Students will spend the week discovering how they learn best, including which activities and study methods enhance their learning. They also will practice executive functioning skills, such as organization, planning, and time management.
  • Grammar & Writing Fundamentals - High School

    Back to School Brush-Up Series

    This course will help students understand and hone the writing and grammar skills most essential to high school. We will cover important writing and analysis habits, skills, and strategies to help students feel confident in beginning their high school Humanities courses, particularly targeting skills that might have been harder to practice and strengthen during the past few years.
  • Graphic Design 101

    For Middle School - learn the fundamentals of graphic design! Through a range of fun creative challenges, students will learn new skills, experience different design softwares, express their creativity, and have fun. All experience levels welcomed, no prior knowledge necessary!
  • Graphic Novels

    Offered by Amore Learning

    We will create characters and plots, and use them to write stories and even chapter books. We will focus on having fun while boosting writing skills in a warm, nurturing, and creative environment. This course will conclude with a final Publishing Party during which families will be invited to the classroom.
  • Illustration & Nature

    “To me, scientific illustration is the accurate portrayal of any subject from nature,” says Amy Bartlett Wright (Rhode Island School of Design). This field covers everything from subatomic particles to distant galaxies, appearing everywhere from textbooks to murals. In this class, students will create artwork related to flora and fauna, including botanical and medical illustration.
  • Improv Camp

    Play countless improv exercises and games, learning the basics of short-form improvisation in the style of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". The week will culminate with a performance for family and friends.
  • Introduction to Computer Science - for credit

    Students complete activities and projects that introduce Burke's five domains of computer science: Ethics of Computing, Algorithms and Programming, Data and Analysis, Networks and the Internet, and Computing Systems. For Edmund Burke School students, this course fulfills the graduation requirement for one trimester of introductory computer science.
  • Introduction to Social Justice Movements

    Explore why social movements occur and how social justice theories are applied to social movements. For a final project, students will analyze a problem within society and create a detailed action plan for organizing their own social movement. They also will draw upon literary devices, art as activism, music, dance, oration, poetry, journalism, social media, petition writing, and technology.
  • LEGO Engineering

    Offered by Amore Learning

    There is nothing better than the limitless creativity we all feel when left to our own devices with a bin of LEGOs. In this class, we will build (pun intended!) upon this excitement by teaching LEGO enthusiasts about engineering – how to make a plan, execute it, reflect upon it, and make changes for next time. We also will sprinkle in moments of free-play with LEGOs to satisfy that natural curiosity.
  • Soccer Camp

    Founded on the need for more personalized instruction for young players, this camp focuses on a) relationships between players and instructors through small group lessons and b) education in the game of soccer and its techniques and tactics. Students develop leadership and teamwork skills, as well as promote a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Soccer Skills Camp

    This camp will focus on refining specific skills through shooting practice, heading exercises, and drills: ball control, dribbling, passing, defense, control, and team.
  • Steve & Kate's Camp

    *Registration should be completed through the Steve & Kate website: https://steveandkatescamp.com/dc-northwest/. Summer at Burke serves as the Northwest DC site for Steve & Kate’s camp, where campers (ages 4-12) choose “minute to minute” from a range of activities, including animation, music, sports, craftings, and more.
  • Yoga Camp

    An introduction to yoga practice, including physical postures, and an introduction to meditation. The course would include some study and learning, and a lot of practice.
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