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Class Spotlight - Part 9 - Middle & High School

Global Dimensions
In Earth Systems Science and Advanced ESS, students built two and three-dimensional models that defined the main spheres of the earth (atmosphere, hydrospheres, biosphere, and geosphere) and how these major subsystems connect. Their creative approaches now adorn every surface in the ESS lab, including an "Edible Earth" model, a spinning globe, a multi-player board game, and a graphic book (pictured).
Moving Through History
Capping off their Topics in US History course, 8th graders crafted poster presentations on influential social movements of the 20th century from across the political spectrum. In the morning on June 4, presentations spanned the American Indian Movement, Second Wave Feminism, New Right Movement, Poor People's Campaign, and the Environmental Movement of the '60s and '70s, among many others.
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