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Year-End: A Food Feud & More

What do the final weeks and days of the school year at Burke look like? Here's a glimpse.
A Note in the Mail

To close our their 6th Grade "Core" experience, students composed letters to elected officials about issues of their choice. Sarah S. (English) reported, "students wrote about everything from diversity in Formula 1 to the Pink Tax to plastic pollution to maintaining local parks."

They then took a "field trip" to the nearest mailbox, which happens to be on the same intersection as Burke, and took bemused photos to commemorate the occasion.

An Endangered Arcade

In June, 7th graders wrapped up their year-long study of life and ecological sciences with a creative exploration of the animal kingdom.

Amy C. shared that students designed, built, and played endangered species-themed pinball machines in the final weeks of the school year. Pictured to the right are "Dolphins v. Extinction," "Basking Shark Attack," and "Slender Snouted Crocodile."

A Food Feud

To cap off the year, Spanish 6 hosted a food competition. Each student researched a different Spanish-speaking country's cuisine and traditional dishes.

They then picked a dish to make for the final class, with Damian (Head of School), Sean (MS Dean of Community), and Susan H. (Head of Middle School) serving as culinary judges.

  • Lihi C. '28 ran away with the 1st place spot in the "Sweet" category, with all judges selecting her Salvadoran Pastelitos (puff pastry stuffed with sweet guava paste); Izzy M. '28 and Marli N. '28 earned runner-up placements.
  • In the "Savory" category, votes were divided among Jacob J. '28 for his Chilean empanadas, Calvin B. '28 for Costa Rican beans and rice, Walker M. '28 for Puerto Rican beans and rice, and Max C. N. '28 for cheese and potato soup.
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