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Revisiting & Reconsidering Impeachment

While studying the interactions of different branches of government, students in Mitch M.'s Government Studies class held their own impeachment trial of 45th President Donald Trump last month.
To develop nuanced context, they reviewed the history and purposes of impeachments, the recent events leading to Trump's second trial, and the process of both impeachment and removal from office.
Students were randomly assigned roles as lawyers, witnesses, and senators; all senators were assigned a state and political party and told that they were up for reelection in 2022.

Mitch reports that, "the trial was passionate and illuminating, and both sides put up well-reasoned and logical arguments. Some Senators voted with their party, some voted with the election in mind, and some voted their conscience."

In the end, the high school's Senate jury voted 4-2 to convict Trump of violating his oath of office.

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