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Class & Club Spotlight - Part 4

Building Up Stonehenge
12th graders in Advanced Art History recently participated in the Ancient World Building challenge. Teams worked together to remember the building plans of various structures from Stonehenge to the Pantheon. After the plans are approved, they created the structure with any materials in the room (including these durable hardwood blocks).
Did you know: Stonehenge's early construction likely began 3000 years before the Pantheon was built in 120-128 AD?
One Life: Frederick Douglass
11th graders in Curtis's US History class recently visited the National Portrait Gallery to examine One Life: Frederick DouglassStudents got a first-hand look at primary sources (photographs, posters, and books written by Douglass himself) to learn about his escape from slavery as well as his support for abolitionism and women's suffrage.

Seniors Challenge
How do you keep a group of students quiet and laser-focused? You play "everyone v. seniors" in Chess Club. Each team (Team 9th-11th Grade and Team Felix, Kai, and Luc) lined up and went in turns without any talking among themselves. Club time ran out before the conclusion of the game, so they'll be picking up where they left off next week. 

Faculty Spotlight
As an artist and teacher, Maureen M. (History) is participating in George Mason University's Carter School for Peace & Conflict Resolution fellowship for Arts and Peacebuilding Culture. The 8-week fellowship program brings together local leaders to explore how political peacebuilding, the arts, and culture interact and how they can foster peacebuilding cultures in their own communities. Maureen adds, "The program very much aligns with Burke's social justice commitment, so I am excited to bring the concepts back to our community."
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