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Día de los Muertos

During their October unit on the Day of the Dead in Mexico, Mónica's Spanish 7/8 class learned about the "Calaveritas Literarias" or "literary skeletons," a type of poem shared among friends and family leading up to the Day of the Dead. Mónica writes, "it's both a loving and a humorous poetry style that has to rhyme on every even verse." Students had a blast writing the poems, often dedicated to their classmates or family. Corin M. '29 wrote for "mi perrita loquita - y crees un gato."
On November 8, 7th grade traveled to the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington on 16th Street to visit this year's Day of the Dead ofrenda and take a tour of the building's murals, which include a three-story mural by Roberto Cueva del Río.
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