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Student Support

Wraparound Support at Burke

Learning Support

Learning Support assists students in meeting the demands of our challenging academic program. The department includes a High School and a Middle School Learning Specialist and Learning Support tutors in each division, who provide support in organization, note-taking, test strategies, and self-advoacy.

Learning Profiles are created from outside testing for teachers to plan for the student, implement accommodations, and review recommendations.

Students also can be referred to the Support Team for academic concerns by advisors and/or teachers. Support Plans are developed when a student is placed on Academic Probation or is otherwise in need of intensive academic intervention .

List of 2 items.

  • Individualized Support

    • Universal and flexible meetings for any HS/MS student
    • As-needed meetings with students who need extra support
    • Required ongoing meetings with students to offer longer term support for students who need more intensive academic support
    • Meetings with families to discuss testing, support, and strategies
  • In-Class Support

    • Co-teaching and Push-in support
    • MS and HS Learning Strategies course
    • Skill building (executive functioning, study skills)

Testing & Accommodations:

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  • Outside Testing

    • Testing submitted to admissions must be no more than three years old; please submit all documentation including 504 Plans or IEPs
    • Testing is used to create a Learning Profile to help teachers plan for and support students
  • Formal Accommodations

    If indicated on testing, we currently offer these five formal accommodations:

    • Extended time for tests and/or quizzes
    • Preferential seating in class
    • Classroom use of computers
    • Calculator use
    • Copies of notes

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Deborah Ballard

    Deborah Ballard 

    HS Learning Specialist
    202-362-8882 x344
    California Lutheran University - MS
    California Lutheran University - BA
  • Photo of Ellie Dooling

    Ellie Dooling 

    Learning Support Department Chair / MS Learning Specialist
    Boston University - BA
    George Washington University - MA
  • Photo of Alan Kellogg

    Alan Kellogg 

    MS Language Arts, Ultimate Frisbee Head Coach
    Mount Holyoke College - Master's in Teaching
    University at Buffalo - BA


Our full-time school counselor works directly with students to assess and address social-emotional and mental health needs as they arise. She consults with parents, teachers, advisors, and administrators about how best to support students, and develops programs and workshops for students, families, and teachers on topics related to pre-adolescent and adolescent development.
How do referrals take place?

  • Students can refer themselves
  • Parents can request that the counselor reach out to the student
  • Parents consult with counselor about supporting their child
  • Advisors or teachers consult with the counselor
  • Advisor makes the referral for student to meet with the counselor
  • Concern about a student is shared confidentially via the EAP (Early Assistance Program) form
  • Students who may need ongoing counseling support are discussed in student support meetings

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Yvette Cuenco

    Yvette Cuenco 

    School Counselor
    202-362-8882 x607
    New York University - M.S.W.
    University of California Los Angeles - B.A.

Advisory Program

Each student is connected to a faculty or staff member who is trained to listen deeply and to support students as they navigate the challenges of our academic program and the complexities of adolescence. Throughout the year, students meet with their advisors on a regular basis, sometimes checking in about the events of the day and sometimes preparing for an upcoming project.

Advisors typically have 5-7 advisees, ensuring individualized attention for each student. In addition, advisors meet with their advisory group in homeroom, providing a warm and friendly respite from the busy academic day.

Our signature, student-led conference format enables young people to evaluate their own performance, lead the conversation, and take responsibility for their learning. Families also meet with their child's advisor to review progress in coursework, participation in extracurriculars, and any questions or concerns.


Our Student Information System allows a teacher to send a quick message if an assignment is missing, a grade is slipping or rising, or a student has excelled at a project or made a terrific contribution in class. Sometimes a teacher will simply write that they have noticed a student’s extra effort, creativity, or kindness. Comments are shared with parents and advisors so that everyone stays informed, and no student “flies under the radar.”
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