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Fall 2020

Community & Culture

Lead: Vanessa Aird - HS Dean of Students
Our Task Force has been working to develop opportunities and systems that will ensure that our community remains strong and accessible—from our advisory program to our support services to our clubs and activities.
 Based on our learnings from Spring 2020, we also have created new support structures, with the goal of making Burke feel like home to our students (returning and new) no matter what the year looks like

  • We have completely re-envisioned the Resources section of our Student Information System (SIS), providing a virtual "Wellness Toolbox," Equity & Inclusion resources, meditations and physical exercises, event calendars, and even the ability to schedule an appointment with our School Counseler with one click, among many more digital resources.
  • We are working to connect advisors and students and solidify relationships regardless of how we’re able to meet.
 In Fall 2020, advisory groups will meet at least twice a week and the schedule still ensures that crucial one-on-one meetings remain intact. Within the Assembly and Advisory programs, topics such as racial justice, sexual consent, and substance use will be examined, discussed and reflected upon throughout 2020-21.

  • We collaborated with the Academic Task Force in the creation of "Virtual Mondays." Our goal was to optimize our new schedule to afford substantial time for community building and projects.
  • Keeping community building at the forefront of our work, we have brainstormed virtual events for both students and teachers, including spelling bees, debates, movie-watching parties, fantasy leagues, Quizlet Lives, and Kahoots. We look forward to receiving suggestions from the wider student body! 
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