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  • Students Are Known

    Advisory Program
    Each student is connected to a faculty or staff member who is trained to listen deeply and to support students as they navigate the challenges of our academic program and the complexities of adolescence. Throughout the year, students meet with their advisors on a regular basis, sometimes checking in about the events of the day and sometimes preparing for an upcoming project.

    Advisors typically have 5-7 advisees, ensuring individualized attention for each student. In addition, advisors meet with their advisory group in homeroom, providing a warm and friendly respite from the busy academic day.

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  • Students Can Lead

    Family Conferences
    Our signature, student-led conference format enables young people at Burke to evaluate their own performance, lead the conversation, and take responsibility for their learning. Families also meet with their child's advisor to review progress in coursework and participation in extracurriculars, and to discuss any questions or concerns.

"Sending a Comment"

Our Student Information System allows a teacher to send a quick message if an assignment is missing, a grade is slipping or rising, or a student has excelled at a project or made a terrific contribution in class. Sometimes a teacher will simply write that they have noticed a student’s extra effort, creativity, or kindness. Comments are shared with parents and advisors so that everyone stays informed, and no student “flies under the radar.”

Burke Teacher

"We really keep track of what kids are doing, which allows us to focus on what they need, where they are. I don't think any other school in the area has such an intense advisory program."

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  • Supportive and Safe

    School Psychologist
    Burke’s full-time school psychologist works directly with students to assess and address social-emotional needs, and mental health crises as they arise. She consults with parents, teachers, advisors, and administrators about how best to support students. She participates in the development of programs and workshops for students, families, and teachers on topics related to pre-adolescent and adolescent development.

    On a day-to-day basis, the Burke counselor provides:

    • Short-term counseling to students
    • Consultation to parents
    • Emergency mental health assessments for students 
    • Ongoing support and coaching to students
    • Consultation to faculty, staff and mental health professionals
    • Referrals to community mental health resources

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  • Photo of Lucy Kernan-Schloss

    Lucy Kernan-Schloss 

    School Psychologist
    202 375 7607
    Mills College - B.A.
    George Washington University - Ph.D.

Additional Resources from Lucy

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