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Board of Trustees

Burke's Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the school’s financial health and determining its strategic direction consistent with the school’s mission. The Board works in close partnership with the Head of School and senior staff, and is currently composed of 22 voting members, most of whom are parents of current or former students. In addition, the Board has two non-voting Ex- Officio members: the Head of School and the Faculty Representative. The Board is governed by By-laws that are reviewed and updated regularly, consistent with internal policies and the recommendations of leading independent education associations. Click here for a copy of the current Board By-laws.

The Board generally meets 10 times each year. Board members serve a three year term, and may be re-nominated for a second term of three years, for a maximum of six years’ service. The Chair of the Trustees Committee solicits board nominations each year.

The Board accomplishes most of its work at through standing committees, formed to address specific, time sensitive issues. All voting members of the Board volunteer their time, skills and resources to the school.

Trustee News

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  • New Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is excited to announce the election of four new Trustees for terms beginning on June 1. We welcome:
    • Emily Alexander (Nicholas '16)
    • Rick Gersten (Jonah '20, Gabriel '21)
    • Norman Dong (Eddie '20)
    • Sean O'Donnell (Aidan '19, Ronan '21)

    Our officers for 2017-18 are:
    • Britt Reynolds (Blair '15) Chair
    • Janine Goodman (Orly '17 and Oren '20) Vice Chair
    • Rich Lane (Ella '17) Treasurer
    • Meredith Jason (Billy '18) Secretary
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