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Founders' Day 2024: Game On!

Dreamed up in 1999, and revamped in 2008, Founders' Day remains an anticipated tradition during the spring months. Led by a team of 11th and 12th graders, this year's event boasted a board game theme, with inter-grade teams named for Ticket to Ride, Chess, Connect 4, and Monopoly, among others.
Following a hotly-contested lip sync competition and life-size games of Battleship (in the Atrium) and Hungry Hippos (in the Gym), all teams headed over to Howard Field for relay races and tug-of-war. In the end, the 12th grade took on the faculty and staff. Suffice it to say, the faculty and staff don't like to discuss the results.

Photo album: https://burkeschool.org/burke-life/life-at-burke/founders-day
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