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Nourishing Partnerships

On April 3 and 5, the 9th grade (in two groups) volunteered at Capital Area Food Bank as part of their social justice framework, which focuses on food insecurity in DC. First, students worked in the warehouse and packed boxes of food for senior citizens, a demographic who particularly suffers from food insecurity. Together, both groups packed an impressive 1,641 boxes.
The day concluded with a simulation, in which each student received a mock profile of an individual's situation based on real life scenarios. They had to come up with a budget, determine what they can afford, and then navigate social services, banks, and groceries to get what they needed. This activity highlighted the difficulties of securing food and benefits and the changes needed in various systems. The 9th grade will be hosting a food drive to benefit Capital Area Food Bank in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout.
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