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Class & Club Spotlight - Part 3 - Middle School

Pictured: students in Principles of Art craft ambitious land art at Peirce Mill

Maps in Motion
In 6th grade Core, students complete a year-long study of DC history, culminating in projects on each of DC's wards. To get started, they are focusing on our school's own neighborhood here in Van Ness. They walked around the area and took photos, and then returned to school to craft maps based on their observations.

Musical Bridges
In Music Explorations with Teisha M., 7th graders completed a Music of the Generations project. They interviewed family members (and some Burke faculty) about musical tastes and memories from their teenage years and created snapshots of those memories. Designed to "bridge the gap" between generations, the project builds an understanding of how popular music has evolved through the decades.

Microscope Madness
In Life Science with Amy C., 7th graders practiced making their own wet mounts as they continued to study microscopy. For a wet mount, "a drop of water is used to suspend the specimen between the slide and cover slip." Students brought in their own specimens – which ranged from pet hair to sumac, and from lemon pepper to marsala – and made their own prepared slide.
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