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"Everybody" - Cast & Crew Announcement

A 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist in Drama, Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins comes to the Samara Studio Theater on November 3-4 and 10-11. A modern take on a 15th Century morality play, Everybody chooses some roles by lottery at each performance, enabling the audience to see a wholly different show than the day before.
Cast List

Everybody/Friendship/Kinship/Cousin/Stuff (determined by chance):
Ari E. '27, Ash H. '26, Ashli J. '26, Beatrix F. '27, Cary T. T. '25, Ethan F. '26, Joey M. R. '24, Natalie W. '26, Nate S. '26, Noa F. '27
Usher/Understanding: Charlie K. '27
God: Ethan F. '26
Death: Tony C. '26
Time: Luca R. '27
Love: Maya D. '26
Evil: Noa F. '27

Production Team
Assistant Director: James E. '24
Technical Director: Markus C. '24
Stage Crew: Anniek V. '26, Ashley J. '26,  Billie L. T. '27, Charlotte B. '25, Daria S. '24, Dava K. '26, Felix S. '24, Gigi W. '26, Jacques B. '25, Kai C. '24, Mae G. '24, Nicholas W. '27, Syd W. '25, and Zack C. '24
Lighting Designer: Emily Pan
Costume Design Mentor: Amy C. (Science)
Projection Design Mentor: Kay C. (Visual Arts)
Associate Director: Julia V. B. '23
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