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Trustee Spotlight

Kenny M. '91
Throughout the year, we will be highlighting members of our Board of Trustees in the Burke Beat and online. Kenny M. '91 joined the Board in 2022 and currently serves on the Development Committee and the Facilities Committee.
What motivated you to join the Board?

I never envisioned or considered joining any Board; to say I was surprised when initially presented with the opportunity would be an understatement. Looking back, my motivation for joining the Board goes back to my strong desire to give back to Burke and my commitment to making myself uncomfortable, because continuous learning enables growth. As I reflect back on my life and career, I would be remiss if I did not recognize the impact of both my education and maturation at Burke that set the foundation for where I am today. Accepting a role as Board member would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone – to develop new skills or reawaken unused ones.

What skills and experience do you bring to the Board?

I bring leadership, strategic thinking, communication, team work, financial acumen, along with a range of soft skills, honed from personal and professional experiences – whether as a US Marines officer or as the DATSS Program Manager supporting NASA Headquarters and its Research Centers. Also, I bring a lot of energy, which is needed, to meet the level of energy set by the Board Co-Presidents and the other Trustees.

Do you have any advice for new alum looking to get involved?

To copy a Nike marketing campaign, "Just Do It." Whatever hesitations or reservations you may have about the Board, my advice would be “make yourself uncomfortable and be willing to grow.” So if there is any interest then reach out because every perspective is valued and diversity of thought is what will continue to move Burke forward.

Tell us about a favorite memory as an Alum. 

Opportunity to speak at Burke's 50th Anniversary Gala. Seeing the coordination and effort by Jen and Kate [from the Development Office], and getting reintroduced to Burke, especially since I had not been closely connected to the school since graduation.

What simple steps can alumni take to get involved?

Start with committee participation. Giving comes in all forms, but most important is the time commitment to support the additional functions required to maintain Burke's operations or involve the stakeholder community (alumni, parents, grandparents, organizations, etc.). From there, you can better gauge how your unique gifts can be applied to promote and enable the School's success.

Tell us about a rewarding Board experience.

A rewarding Board experience remains this year's budget planning process. Seeing such a diverse group of folks, who are truly committed to Burke's success, engaged in back and forth discussion – but united in purpose to ensure the school’s priorities are supported and backed with the appropriate financial commitments.
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