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Affinity Group Spotlights: Part 1

Burke's 2022-23 affinity groups meet on four different rotations, enabling students to participate in up to four different groups at a time. 

Here are a couple updates from this past week's meetings:
Asian Student Experience

Yvette C. (School Counselor) reports that the Asian Students Association (ASA) had a vibrant discussion last week, facilitated by Rose D. '25 – who led a talk about Asian Invisibility and a brainstorming session on topics for further learning.

Building A Sukkah (of sorts)

At the latest Jewish Affinity Group gathering, students talked about the recent holidays, including Sukkot and Simchat Torah. On Sukkot, a harvest festival, a family may build a temporary dwelling called a "sukkah."

In that spirit, students made decorations and crafted tiny sukkahs with graham crackers and frosting for walls, twizzlers for roofing, and candy for embellishments. While not kosher, they were nonetheless delectable.
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