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Class & Club Snapshots

Whether in the science lab or around the city, teachers take a hands-on approach – and encourage students to use wit, movement, and creativity in their learning process.
La non-scolarisation

In Fatou C.'s French 3 class, students are learning how education, a basic human right, remains a substantial challenge in countries around the world, including Guinée, Côte d'Ivoire, Pakistan, and France – where education rights are often denied to minority groups and where gender disparity limits educational access. Pictured: projects that delineate causes and consequences of illiteracy.

Making Movies

Matison H. D. reports that 8th graders in American Voices (Section 2) recently worked to create a movie concept based on a dream of theirs – writing a synopsis and screenplay excerpt, and then using collage materials to craft a poster for the film.

Tectonic Dances

Kelly W. reports that the 6th graders are exploring the motion of tectonic plates through song and dance (the perennially popular "Tectonic Plate Waltz," set to the tune of "Blue Danube") and through modeling with shaving cream, sponges, and playing cards.

Wanted: Elements

In Physical Science class, 8th graders crafted Old West-style "Wanted" posters for suspicious elements from the periodic table. Nate S. '26 (warned that Mercury is "guilty of having 7 stable isotopes," while Jeremy K. '26 conceded that Plutonium has some "redeeming qualities," including its use by the protagonist of The Martian.
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