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Expressions of Gratitude

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, our community expressed gratitude through both action and art.
Student-Led Drives
Feminist Cooperative ("FemCo") recently collected and delivered 2,750 individual period products to Thrive DC, which works to prevent and end local homelessness. FemCo's 2021-22 leaders are Miranda G. '22, Kaitlyn D. '23, and Catherine R. '23. The Fundraising Club also led a cleaning supplies and canned food drive for Feed the Family food pantry, just up the street from Burke.

Sea of Gratitude
Throughout November, student artists painted a vibrant ocean along the bridge between the 9th Grade Commons and the Atrium. In advisory and homerooms on November 16, students wrote messages of gratitude on paper fish, and Amy C. (Science), Fatou C. (World Language), and Perla C. '23 populated the ocean with many of the fish. Said aquatic creatures have since swum to new waters to make way for the All-School Art Project, centered on electronic waste.

Words of Thanks
To close out assembly before Thanksgiving break, dozens of students came to the microphone and shared witty and spontaneous thanks with with teachers, staff members, and their peers. New students thanked friends who helped them acclimate, and seniors thanked long-time classmates; they recognized college counselors who guide them through stressful applications, advisors who are always available for support (and to help replace a forgotten lunch), study hall proctors who manage occasional antics, staff members who keep our school running every day – and many more.
Their words demonstrated not only gratitude, but an understanding of how we all contribute to this community – and just how valuable that is.
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