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Announcing: Winter Musical Cast

The Performing Arts Department is pleased to announce the winter musical, the Tony Award-winning (2001) satire Urinetown by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis.
Satirizing capitalism, populism, and bureaucracy, Urinetown imagines a grim future when a severe drought has led to a corporate takeover of bathrooms – until an idealistic (but maybe ill-advised) rebellion springs up.

Casting was announced on Friday, November 19:

Bobby Strong - Gabriel B. ‘22
Little Sally - Ming H. ‘22
Penelope Pennywise - Ellen C. ‘23
Caldwell B. Cladwell - Jacob Z. ‘22
Hope Cladwell - Rachel Z. ‘22
Officer Lockstock - Lena S. ‘22
Officer Barrel - Justin E. ‘22

Little Becky - Solana T. ‘22
Hot Blades Harry - Joey M. R. '24
Old Man Strong - AJ A. ‘22
Josephine Strong - Kaitlyn D. '23
Senator Fipp - Leah H. '22
Tiny Tom - Oscar H. '24
Soupy Sue - Cary T. '25
Robby the Stockfish - Ben T. '25
Billy Boy Bill - Nic S. '23
Mr. McQueen - Julia B. '23
Dr. Billeaux - Fin T. '23
Mrs. Millennium - Yao D. '22

Rebels, Executives, Cops - Carrie J. '24, Echo K. '26, Ezra C. '25, Jehanne B. '26, Owen G. '25, Taylor S. '26, Tessa L. '25, Yao D. '22
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