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Placing Words & Sculpting Ideas

While learning to understand and interpret literature in 6th Grade Core, students also explore the etymology, style, and power of words.
Drawing inspiration from Stanley Donwood's musical art interpretation of the city of Los Angeles (designed for Radiohead's Hail to the Thief), 6th graders created maps for cities and neighborhoods that are meaningful to them and filled those maps with words that are frequently heard there.

Sean F. explains, "Through the project, students are reflecting on how the words used in a place define that place and the people that live there."

For the activist art unit in Deborah Z.'s Ceramics 9/10 class, students began with some tile decoration as a warmup project. Then, they chose a subject that was important to them and created either a sculptural or functional piece of ceramic art to convey their theme.
Pictured: works in progress by Madison A. '25, Nathan S. '25, and Mae G. '24.
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