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Science: On the Trail & In the Lab

Earlier this month, Kelly W.'s 6th Grade Science class ventured down Connecticut Avenue and over to the Melvin Hazen Trail for a hands-on study of erosion during their hydrosphere unit, while Morgan G.'s Conceptual Chemistry class took a hands-on approach to the Law of Conservation of Mass.
6th Grade - Earth Science
Students were given a set amount of time to construct a landscape of their choosing along the stream, and then to add a small Legos dwelling. Kelly W. visited each house with rainstorms of varying intensity (via a water pitcher), and each group observed how the house weathered the storm and recorded their findings. In adherence with Leave No Trace, landscapes and Legos were disassembled afterwards.

10th Grade - Chemistry
Students combined vinegar in baking soda in a balloon to show that mass is conserved in chemical reactions. The balloons created closed systems and allowed students to measure the mass of carbon dioxide (along with the other products) produced in the reaction.
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