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STEM Connections

As the familiar, fast-paced rhythms of school returned, both students and adults tackled STEM-based projects – and bolstered their collaborative skills.
Parachuting into Middle School

On their first day, our 7th graders designed an effective parachute for an action figure with limited supplies – and then tested the design by tossing said action figure off the 2nd floor terrace.

After collecting enough data, they came back up to the lab to reflect and edit their designs, plus discuss the importance of gravity and collaboration.

Friendly Faculty & Staff Showdown

Faculty and staff put their STEAM skills (and collaborative capacities) to use during the first "Late Start" by crafting structures from marshmallows and spaghetti.

Team 3 triumphed in the Tallest Tower Category, while Team 2 and Team 7 tied for Most Creative. New faculty and staff members served as the impartial judging panel.
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