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Task Force Report: Consent Education

Damian Jones, Head of School
As we start the school year, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the faculty, staff, students, and trustees who served on the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct this past summer. This Task Force formed last spring to review our education and policies around sexual misconduct and to develop proposals that further a safe, supportive campus environment for all students.
This robust and committed group focused on the following areas:
  • Reviewing and enhancing training on sexual misconduct and sexual assault for all faculty, staff, and students
  • Reviewing and developing curricula on consent education for all students
  • Ensuring clarity for procedures and communications around allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual assault
As part of our planning, we will be:
  • Scheduling new outside speakers and organizations to provide training for students, faculty, and staff on sexual assault, bystander interventions, and consent
  • Implementing curricula on consent that is grounded in community building and respecting the dignity of others
  • Discussing our revised Anti-Harassment Policy and the reporting, investigation, and follow-up processes in-depth with students
As we advance this critical work, we will continue to listen to students' needs and interests in making Burke a safer and supportive school environment for all students. We will strive towards fostering a school culture that encourages all of our students, faculty, and staff to take an active role in confronting sexual misconduct and harassment with the resources, services, and support that is needed.
Our sincere thanks to the Summer 2021 Task Force members:
AJ A. '22
Aidas P. '22
Aimée Weil, Assistant Head of School for Finance & Operations
Alexis Martina, High School Dean of Students
Alice C. '21
Amber Roberson P'24, 11th Grade Dean / Science
Amy Cataldo P'23 & P'24, MS Dean of Special Programs / Science / Leadership
Anya W. '22
Branden McGarrity, Math
Brielle P. '23
Damian R. Jones P'20, Head of School
David Panush, Director of Technology and Innovative Learning
Declan C. '24
Elizabeth Pleshette, Dean of College Counseling
Ellen C. '23
Emma T. '22
Fatou Coulibaly, Department Chair, World Languages
Finley T. '23
Ginger Attarian P'21 & P'25, History
Hazel B. '23
Hunter H. '22
Ingrid G. '22
John Howard P'11 & P'14, Performing Arts
Judyth Andresino P'17 & P'19, Math
Julia H. Cain, Director of Communications*
Karen Klautky, Assistant to the Head of School
Leah W. '22
Lena S. '22
Maureen Minard P'28, Department Chair, History*
Mitch Masucci, History
Montanna N. '22
Mustafa Nusraty, 12th Grade Dean / History
Pan L. '23
Ryan Lipford, 9th Grade Dean / History
Sam Ross P'18 & P'21, Assistant Scheduler / Latin
Sarah Schriber, Department Chair, Health, Values & Ethics / English*
Sean Felix, MS Dean of Community / 6th Grade Core
Solana T. '22
Sophia R. '22
Stacy Smith P'26, Health, Values & Ethics / Leadership
Susan Hearn P'16 & P'14, Head of Middle School
Susannah Baruch P'21 & P'18, Board of Trustees
(*) Working Group leads
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