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Delectable Engineering and Cooking

From World Languages to Life Science, students take a hands-on, independent approach to their learning – and sometimes even produce delicious results.
World Language

Mónica V. reports that her Advanced Spanish Topics class turned in an array of creative final projects. Will C. '21 wrote about Indigenous peoples and COVID in Latin America, Jackson A. '21 explored Bad Bunny's music and social role, and Isabel G. N. '21 wrote about Cuban artist Amelia Peláez.

Sigita P. '21 researched different types of empanadas and produced a full instructional video in her kitchen, with cameos from her family – who all sampled and reviewed her empanadas in Spanish.

Life Science

For their annual "Pringle Challenge," 7th graders take an innovative approach to the study of food, nutrition, and sustainability. Amy C. challenged them to design a package using recycled materials (bonus points for using zero plastic!) that would safely transport a single, delicate Pringle Chip through the mail.

At the beginning of May, students mailed their carefully-crafted packages from school to Amy's home, and they will see which designs do the job.
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