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Music & Science: Expanding Views

Whether in the lab or behind the piano, students often discover that complex ideas and designs underly the most simple concepts.
Ferns Unfurling
Just before the break, 7th grade Life Science began their microscope and cell unit. Without the usual compound light microscopes in the Middle School lab, students made their own foldscopes from paper!

Portable, durable, and still powerful, these simple tools yielded these images of a fern rhizome (pictured right).

Starry Arrangements
In Music Explorations, 10th-12th graders discovered that even the simplest songs can become interesting – when they practiced arranging and remixing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with Liz R.

In these samples, Jacob R. '21 first creates a piano accompaniment using music notation software and then remixes using a digital audio workstation.

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