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With Legos and Post-Its

In both the middle and high school, science faculty continue to center hands-on projects and experiments in their courses – and ensure students have some screen-free time.
An Investigation of Erosion
In Kelly W.'s class, 6th grade scientists have wrapped up their erosion projects. Students built landscapes, chose a locale for their "house" (lego-made), and then caused it to rain lightly and then more intensely, while observing the effects – and seeing if their house survived the deluge!

Proteins & Post-Its
Earlier this month, Morgan G.'s Biology class modeled protein folding – from the primary structure to the tertiary structure – with different colors of Post-its representing different characteristics of amino acids (polar, non-polar, acidic, and basic).

Students then described how the model simulated protein folding inside the cell; they later used their knowledge to engage in scientific argumentation: supporting or refuting claims using evidence from what they learned.

Pictured: Sophia R. '22 and Joey P. '27
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