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Welcome to 9th Grade Seminars

Even in typical times, the beginning of high school is a crucial time, marking an entry into a new world and new stage of growth.

Bearing that in mind, the nine-week 9th Grade Seminar supports students through the academic and social transition to high school – and to Burke, as we have 30 new students in this year's freshman class! Students also explore the cultural differences present at Burke and in the greater community.
Throughout the course, 9th graders and faculty discuss topics related to identity, equity, and inclusion and develop tools and strategies to approach difficult classes and subject matter. They delve into digital citizenship – not just safety online, but media balance, wellbeing, and "digital drama" – and develop crucial executive functioning skills, such as time management and long-term study planning. New and returning students also have a recurring opportunity to talk and connect as 9th graders.

As Chalis W., Chair of the Learning Support Department, explains, "the course is unique in that it is co-taught by a diverse group of five faculty and staff members, who can share their expertise in the areas of learning support, database research, equity and inclusion, digital ethics, and more." 

9th Grade Seminar faculty in 2020-21 include Amanda B. (Library Director), Carolyn S. (Learning Support), Chalis W. (Learning Support), Steven L. (Director of Equity, Inclusion & Civic Engagement), and Vanessa A. (High School Dean).
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