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Cellular Biology From a Distance

In Morgan G.'s Biology course, 11th and 12th grade students explore cellular biology, mitosis and DNA, meiosis and genetics, evolution, plants, ecology, and climate change. Of course, hands-on lab work tends to feature prominently. So how does that feature persist in a virtual space?
"Gummy Bear Lab"

In September, students were studying the phenomenon of osmosis and simulating how water moves into (or out of) cells based on their environment – thanks, in part, to some gummy bears. From their tables and counters at home, students measured and compared the volume change of the gelatin-based bears when placed in different solutions. 

"Pill Bug Lab"

Just last week, students wrapped up their study of these nocturnal isopods. As these critters may not be welcome at home, they remained in the Burke bio lab. Over the summer, students developed experimental questions (e.g.: "Do pill bugs prefer wet or dry environments?") and wrote a procedure to study one aspect of isopod behaviors.

In the first few weeks of school, they worked in groups to choose one procedure and fine-tune it. Morgan then followed their procedure exactly and recorded their experiment in the lab so they could collect data, analyze it, and write up a formal lab report. 

Pictured: Morgan's set-up in the lab and Leah W. '22's set-up at home.

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