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  • In the Open Air: Media and Science

    While students may be in a digital space for much of the day, faculty have woven time away from screens – and in the open air – into their curriculum.
  • Essential Stories in Spanish

    This summer, Gabi B. '23, George M. '23, Julia B. '23, Leah W. '22, Macayle C. '23, and Samantha S. '23 have been meeting regularly with Jessie Y. (World Languages) in order to fill a gap: literary resources for Spanish classrooms that represent people of color in a positive light.
  • Amy C. on Science Friday

    Fan of Science Friday on public radio? Today, "SciFri" will launch its new Summer Institute, "a virtual conference for K-12 educators aimed at connecting their classroom practice with the stories of scientists" – and Amy C. (Middle School Science) will serve as a co-facilitator and the middle grade leader for the institute.
  • Convening Affinity Groups

    This past spring, Steven L. (Director of Equity & Inclusion) and Vanessa A. (
    HS Dean of Students) organized a series of affinity group meetings to help students process the national turmoil and protests that erupted in the wake of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. In response to a strong desire to continue these conversations, both our student and faculty affinity groups are reconvening during the summer months.
  • Explore the Memory Project

    During Distance Learning this past spring, Mixed Media students (and Ceramics-turned-Mixed Media students) created portraits of teenagers in Afghanistan for the Memory Project – which forges connections through art with youth around the world who have experienced war, violence, poverty, family loss, or other challenges. This summer, the portraits are being delivered to their subjects, with a selfie and note from each Burke artist on the back.
  • Senior Week: Virtual and Vivacious

    A greatly anticipated tradition, Senior Week at Burke begins with senior project presentations and concludes with a spirited and heartfelt "send-off" for our 12th graders on the Friday before Graduation weekend. Pivoting quickly and energetically, the Burke faculty ensured that this tradition could live on for the Class of 2020 – even from a distance.

  • On Self-Discovery & Softball

    Dedication: to my teammates, who inspired and made me laugh every day, specifically Sofia Ohanian and Vera Walsh-Alker, who taught me to trust myself, and my coach, Scott Reynolds, who constantly supported and believed in me – and helped me become the best athlete I could be.

    “Not that I’m expecting to play, but in which situation do you need to tag the person, rather than just tag the base to get them out?”

    This is a question that I asked a teammate on the bus to our first softball game during the spring of my freshman year. Not only was it my first game ever, but also my first sports game ever. Obviously, I was clueless.

  • Raising Questions of Equity

    Consistent with Burke’s mission and values, it is important to help our students grapple with issues of equity and inclusion that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to into bold relief. Starting on May 4, we are offering weekly discussion groups on Google Meet for Grades 9-10, each centered on a different theme.

    Students will gather in small, advisor-based groups and delve into the following questions and topics. These discussions are all optional, and students and parents were encouraged to decide together whether this was the right time for them to participate.

  • Introducing Tiny Office Concerts

    Fan of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts? The Burke Film Club would like to introduce you to ... Tiny Office Concerts, courtesy of our Head of School's office. Enjoy Episode 1: "Hold On I'm Coming," directed by Arin G. '20, produced by Peter A. '21, Madison W. '20, and Ben K. '25 and featuring the Burke School Band.

    Filmed pre-quarantine and edited in quarantine.

  • Opening Presentation

    Family Town Halls - Go Virtual

    Throughout Distance Learning, our faculty remains in close touch with students through synchronous classes, our Comments and email systems, one-on-one advisor meetings, and grade meetings, among other touch points. To ensure that we continue engaging students, and keeping them involved in the life of Burke, we reached out to our parent community for input.

  • Liz P. - Headshot

    Announcing: New Dean of College Counseling

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of our next Dean of College Counseling Liz Pleshette, who will be joining us on July 1. Liz comes to Burke with more than 10 years of experience as Director of College Counseling at The Latin School of Chicago.

  • Burke Faculty & Staff Get Musical

    Dozens of Burke faculty and staff lip-synched and danced, played instruments and donned costumes, to "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough."

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