• June

    7th-9th Grade: Spanish in Sync

    As a spring trimester project in Jessie's Spanish classes, students put their language and creative skills (including lighting and costuming) to work by creating music video projects, both solo and in teams, covering Señor Wooly's clever tunes.

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  • May

    8th Grade: Rube Goldberg Rocks

    In Physical Science with Kelly W., 8th graders built their own Rube Goldberg machines – which demonstrate principals of energy and momentum by performing a simple task in a lengthy, complex way. You can watch ten different students demonstrate their work here!

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  • 12th Grade: Student One Act Plays (SOAP)

    A popular fall trimester English elective, One-Acts Workshop invites seniors to dive into dramatic structure, character development, conflict, and dialogue, informed by Artistotle's The Poetics, and ultimately to write their own one-act plays.

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  • by Vidya S. (faculty, Math)

    "Art Busts Out" is Live

    Last month, the Visual & Performing Arts faculty at Burke 
    invited our student and family community to share creative work created in quarantine. From those submissions, Burke would begin a continually growing online showcase.

    The works are rolling in, and our showcase is now live on the Burke website, featuring art from current students, parents, faculty, and even incoming students.

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  • 11th Grade: Keep the Presses Running

    InLight Diversity Magazine and The Cageliner (student-run newspaper) have been finding new ways to share news and stories from a distance – and to keep student writers and artists engaged in extracurricular pursuits.

    Following our campus closure this spring, InLight co-editors Kyra '21 and Sigita '21 quickly decided to forge ahead with a new issue and new theme. As Kyra wrote in her opening letter, "We figured that everyone could use a little extra light and hope in their life, and this issue is intended to bring those things to you!"

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  • 12th Grade: Artistic Angles

    In Maureen's Advanced Art History, students are exploring Post-Impressionism and Cubism through different media: Ellie S. '20 compared and contrasted Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" with an African Mblo Mask by the Baule peoples; Arianne D. '20 crafted a dating profile for Paul Cézanne; and Kira R. '20 and Sofie S. '20 created new work, inspired by views and objects in their homes.

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  • 10th-12th Grade: Subjunctive Suggestions

    In Mónica's Spanish 4 class, students practiced the subjunctive by giving advice: filming videos about building community remotely and staying positive during these tough days.

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  • April

    6th Grade: Lego Landscapes

    In Kelly W.'s Science 6 class, the hands-on work continues, even when students are at home. During a recent video-conference, each student built a miniature "lego landscape," then drew a simple topographic map and shared the results. This activity spins into work with real maps of DC and discussions of watersheds.

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  • 10th & 11th Grade: Instrumental Music

    In John's Intermediate Instrumental Music, students studied the chord progression and the scale modes of Pachelbel's Canon, and then composed and recorded their own arrangements.
    Turn up the volume and enjoy the music from Lena S. '22, Miles T. '22, and Wes C. '22.
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  • All Grades: PE at a Distance

    To keep our students moving (from a distance), Brian is creating a series of 5-minute conditioning videos, each including 10 exercises. These 30-second exercises provide ample time to transition to the next routine.

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  • 11th & 12th Grade: Live Figure Drawing

    It may be a challenge to draw from a live model at a distance, but Isabel made it possible for her Figure Drawing class this past week! Students all gathered on Google Hangouts Meet, sketched together, and shared their work at the end.

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  • 8th Grade: Passion Projects

    Monica M. reports that "desperate times call for ... Passion Projects in 8th Grade Values and Ethics!" Students thought about personal interests and topics that they could pursue in the weeks to come – ideally ones that could take them away from screens and involve moving, making, or doing.

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  • Life Science Collage

    7th Grade: Life Science Scavenger Hunt

    In the first week of Online Learning, Amy C.'s 7th Grade Life Science class were challenged to explore their homes, yards, and neighborhoods (while observing social distancing) to find abiotic and biotic factors.

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  • Chemistry with Bob K.

    High School: Reorienting Chemistry & Literature

    Collaboration is a key tenent of the Burke experience, and teachers have the autonomy to design their own curriculum using the most effective practices and methodologies. To that end, teachers chose different media and means to translate the classroom experience into the online space.

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