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Meet Our Students

Zoe '24

Favorite class: "I’ve always had a passion for writing and literature."
Hometown: Washington, DC
Started at Burke: 6th Grade

What is your favorite spot on campus?
"The theater [has] been my favorite place in the whole school since I was in the 6th grade. Some of my fondest memories of the school have been and continue to be created in the theater."

What's your favorite class?

English [because] I’ve always had a passion for writing and literature. I find the English programs at Burke quite enlightening.

What has been a memorable moment during Middle or High School?
"The Fall Play of this year; I’m very dedicated to it. I’m enjoying the process of creating the production, and my fellow cast-mates and crew are amazing as well."

How would you describe the school to a new student?
"A sanctuary. A place of warmth, acceptance, and vast knowledge that you’re sure to find your footing in."

Zoe's schedule in 2022-23:

Advanced Chorus (Winter & Spring)
Digital Photography 11/12
English 11: American Literature
Health, Values & Ethics 11 (Winter)
History 11: United States History
PE (Fall)
Spanish 3

Activities: Science Club, Theater productions
Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.