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East High GSA v. Board
"[Ivy] Fox was among a handful of students who sued the Salt Lake City School Board in a landmark case that ended in 1998. Students at East High School wanted to form a Gay-Straight Alliance. The school resisted and, rather than allow the LGBT-supportive club to meet, the school board canceled all extracurricular clubs. The decision sparked walkouts, protests and litigation. The shockwaves of the situation reverberated in schools across Utah." (FOX13 - Salt Lake City)

How a ban on extracurricular clubs in Salt Lake City schools led to 'an important milestone in gay rights' 20 years ago

She'd walk out to her car and the tires would be slashed. She'd go to her locker and it would be broken open. She'd be called to the principal's office and sit there for the entire school day because someone had called in a threat.
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