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Senior Academic Recognition - Class of 2024

On Tuesday, May 28, the Class of 2024 and members of the faculty gathered in the theatre to recognize students who achieved academic distinction in one or more departments. Awards are based on consistently high performance and advanced coursework in the subject.

(*) department-selected student speaker for the ceremony
Adam R. '24English
Alex B. '24*World Languages
Bailee C. '24English
Beatriz C. '24World Languages
Clara E. Z. '24English
Dante L. '24Math, Science, World Languages
Daria S. '24English
Eleanor F. '24English, History, Math, Science
Elijah S. '24English
Erin R. '24*Science
Ethan M. '24*History, Science
Felix S. '24History, Math, Science, World Languages
Graham V. '24English
Grayden D. '24English, Math, History, Science
Jessica C. '24English, History
Kai C. '24English, Math, Science
Kavya T. '24English
Luc P. L. '24English, Math
Lucy M. '24World Languages
Maite B. G. '24*English, Math, World Languages
Marissa W. '24English
Markus C. '24English, Science
Oscar H. '24English
Phoenix G. B. '24*English, History, World Languages
Riley D. S. '24English, World Languages
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