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Class & Club Spotlight - Middle School - Part 5

Queries and Curiosities
On Wednesday, the 6th grade spent a day at the Natural History Museum, highlighted by Q?rius (pronounced "curious") at The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center, where students can experience the museum from behind the scenes.
Kelly W. reports that this Q?rius program, Dig Deep, used geologic maps and (pretend) core drill samples to predict the location of iron ore underground. The 6th grade then paid a visit to the Hall of Fossils - Deep Time, aka: where the dinosaurs dwell.
Tiny Houses, Large Results
For this interdisciplinary math and science project, 7th graders create the blueprint for an eco-friendly, off-the-grid "tiny home" for a specific client.
Each group constructs a model of their house, designs and prints a 3D piece of furniture, and writes a budget report – all of which they presented to their class this week. An annual 7th grade pursuit, the project interweaves STEM skills with a study of sustainability.
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