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News Detail

Learning Through Games

The Ceramics Podium

With much pomp and circumstance, Deborah Z.'s Ceramics 9/10 class hosted the 2023 Winter Clay Olympics, resulting in the following champions:
  • Max G. '25 and Campbell S. '25 - Best Pinch Pot (tie)
  • Elena V. '26 - Best Slab
  • Lailah B. '25 - Longest Coil
  • Campbell S. '25 - Ceramics Kahoot! Champ
Algebraic Announcements

At the conclusion of the Winter Trimester, Math 7 students thanked their Winter teaching assistant, Aaron H. '25, with juice, donuts and a homemade card before school. Aaron was an invaluable addition to the classes, providing teaching support, encouragement, and humor every time.
Jenn C.'s Math 7 class also created their own games to practice skills with algebraic expressions. Each group had a different type of game to create (dice, cards, board game, jeopardy, or bingo) and then the students ran the games during the week of February 27.
Pictured: Ollie P. '28 using a remarkable game show host voice to lead classmates Claire J. '28, Arsema T. '28 and Yanet G. '28 through "Math Munch."
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