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Class & Club Snapshots

Whether in the science lab or around the city, teachers take a hands-on approach – which can both "stimulate growth on both sides of the brain" and increase self-motivation.
6th Grade Science
In the final week before Winter Break, Kelly W.'s classes completed the "Crayon Rocks" lab, in which they take a simple crayon through the full rock cycle – ultimately heating them all the way to melting to create colorful lava and igneous rock.

12th Grade Art History
Before the break, Maureen M.’s class visited the National Museum of Asian Art as part of their study of Ancient Persia.  Students made observations on curatorial and exhibit design decisions and compared the works on display to later Islamic art, creating links in visual aesthetics.

Math Team
Open to students in all grades, Burke's Math Team concluded December with a lesson on binary numbers, led by seniors Rachel Z. '22 and Jacob Z. '22. After learning how letters can be represented in binary, Math Team members had some creative fun, using black and white beads to create name bracelets.
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