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Awareness & Wellness

by Riley D. '24, with Yvette C. (School Counselor)
We are encouraging at least one student from each grade to join the new Mental Health Awareness Committee within the Student Government Association (SGA).
The committee will work on ways to reach out to students and help them through any struggles they may be having in regards to mental health. Everyone has a different experience, and each grade undergoes different conditions, so a representative from every grade is essential – and you don't need to be a member of SGA to participate.

As September is Suicide Prevention Month, we wanted to include the number of the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) and explain the process of what happens after you call one. A lot of times, the mystery behind what occurs after calling can prevent someone from getting the help they need, so we want students to have a general idea of the process. This article from Buzzfeed explains this concept very well.
Finally, we want to encourage students to reach out to Yvette either by visiting her office, emailing her, or filling out the anonymous Early Assistance Program (EAP) form should they be worried about another student.

* Interested students should reach out directly to Riley or Yvette.
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